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There were more than 133,000 professional merchants on Allegro in 2021. Our ambition is to build a convenient selling space for them. We offer a wide variety of features that facilitate effective sales management on Allegro. We have prepared solutions for both entities with extensive experience selling on our platform and newcomers to Allegro so that they can discover the available tools, learn how to manage their offers and boost their business with our assistance. Our programmes are tailored to specific segments, life cycles and activities on the platform.

for new merchants who want to start selling on Allegro. The main goal of this programme is to eliminate entry barriers and encourage merchants to start selling faster. New sellers are offered professional support, have access to various tools and receive discounts and commission refunds.

for all merchants who run a business on Allegro. Merchants who perform well based on objective criteria such as sales volume, speed of delivery, feedback and how efficiently complaints are handled receive an indexed quality rating that qualifies them as Super Sellers. The programme enables us to ensure the best quality of services provided by our merchants. The key benefit for the merchants is the Super Seller tag displayed next to the offers, which makes the merchant stand out. In addition, Super Sellers receive a pool of Allegro Coins (Monety), which are automatically added to their offers.

for mature accounts from the VIP and TOP Brand Sellers group. The main goal of the project is to accelerate the growth dynamics of the largest and highly specialized partners.

help merchants grow by rewarding them for taking specific actions on the platform.

The tools and services for merchants offered by our platform include Allegro Ads, Allegro Finance, Promote Your Offers, Streamline Your Sales, Post Listings, Loans and Leasing for Businesses, My Sales Quality and Free On-line Training. Send with Allegro is a new order fulfillment tool that enables merchants to dispatch orders directly from their Allegro account or via the API. Allegro has also introduced a new deferred payment service for transactions between businesses. It enables merchants to sell and buy with an extended invoice payment due date.

Another popular feature among merchants is Trade Analytics, an analytical tool that allows merchants to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about selling on Allegro. Merchants can also use My Sales Quality, an analytical tool designed to manage sales and monitor trends in sales. My Sales Quality displays precisely calculated metrics and information about the quality of the merchants’ sales. That way, they are able to quickly identify strengths as well as weaknesses they need to work on. The available information helps merchants grow their business on Allegro.

Sales rating serves as feedback about a transaction and is posted by the buyer. Ratings can be submitted with a descriptive comment. The sales overview enables merchants to see which areas of their business are received well by buyers and which require additional effort. Most Allegro processes are automated, which makes it possible to achieve economies of scale and to personalize the educational or advertising services to meet and exceed the merchants’ expectations.

130,000 merchants on Allegro

400 videos prepared by experts

There are nearly 130,000 businesses on Allegro, most of them small and medium-sized enterprises. They form a very important part of the Polish economy, creating jobs and a source of income for families across Poland. In 2020, we established the Allegro Academy to support their growth. The Academy is a free online education programme available in Polish, English and, starting from 2021, Chinese. The Academy includes more than 400 videos prepared by experts, as well as animations, textbooks, articles and mind maps. The platform offers 91 new courses in Polish, 35 courses in English and Chinese, as well as 105 tutorials for merchants and buyers. Allegro employees and external experts cover many topics, from selling on Allegro, through advertising and promotion, to personal development and shopping safely online.

We established the Allegro Academy to share knowledge, help the businesses selling on Allegro grow and support buyers. With the great variety of topics, input from internal and external experts and an attractive format, users, mainly small and medium-sized businesses from all across Poland, can find out how to grow their business.

Academy course examples:

  • 8 rules of online shopping safety
  • Start selling on Allegro
  • Visual design on Allegro
  • Packaging and zero waste
  • Online analytics
  • Professional communication in business
  • Crises in communication with customers.
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allegro_academy allegro_academy

The Academy is also a space for merchants where they can interact with each other. Merchants can share their opinions or doubts and discuss them with an expert. The meetings organized by Allegro are based on a sense of partnership, help us build new solutions and, most importantly, give merchants confidence that their voice is being heard.

With additional training sessions and webinars, we have created a space for merchants, where we not only share knowledge but also enable interaction. A space where merchants can share their opinions or doubts and discuss them with an expert. The meetings organized by Allegro are based on a sense of partnership, help us build new solutions and, most importantly, give merchants confidence that their voice is being heard. The webinars are available in Polish, English and Chinese as well.

Complaint-handling system and out-of-court procedures

Allegro.pl will provide for an internal complaint-handling system as defined by Article 11(1) of Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services. Complaints that concern issues listed in said Regulation can be submitted by users at https://na.allegro.pl/skarga. In 2021, we received 1,036 complaints out of over 2,200,000 total requests addressed to our customer service.

Allegro.pl may attempt to amicably settle disputes with business users who use Allegro to offer items to consumers, through an independent mediator, upon prior consent of Allegro.pl to mediation. Should the user referred to in the previous sentence propose mediation to Allegro.pl and after Allegro.pl has accepted this proposal, mediation will be conducted by a mediator from the European Mediation Institute, in accordance with the mediation rules applied by the institute. Allegro.pl will bear a reasonable part of the total costs of mediation, which will be determined by the parties on a case by case basis. The list of mediators and mediation rules are available at eiminstytut@gmail.com.

Sustainable logistics

We develop available shipment capabilities by facilitating everyday sales on our platform and reinforcing our innovative approach to swift and responsible deliveries.

In November 2021, we unveiled its new logistics brand, One by Allegro, which includes One Box green APMs, One Fulfillment service for merchants and One Punkt pick-up points.

One Fulfillment

One Fulfillment by Allegro is a comprehensive service for merchants that includes storing, packaging and delivering products, as well as customer service throughout the delivery process. From September, Allegro’s first fulfillment centre was running a full-scale trial with selected merchants, helping them coordinate and manage shipments. Following a successful pilot programme, Allegro launched the commercial phase of its logistics service One Fulfillment on 24 January 2022, making the service more widely available to merchants.

The service will complement a delivery model primarily based on merchants fulfilling their orders, which continues to be the priority for our organization. By now nearly 80% of orders are delivered within 1–2 days. Distribution of some products purchased on Allegro from a single logistics centre will further reduce delivery times, provide high-quality customer service and reduce environmental impact, in particular by using sustainable packaging materials, implementing processes to minimize waste and reducing the number of courier trips, thus contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

In 2022, we plan to bring the first fulfillment centre up to full capacity with investment in additional shelving and automation.

In 2021, we also launched our network of green APMs One Box, which already spanned over 1,000 state-of-the-art Allegro APMs across the country by 31 December 2021. Our project addresses the needs of local communities, social activists and experts. We create environmentally friendly solutions that meet the needs of local residents and seamlessly blend in with the urban space. All machines are powered by renewable green energy, as evidenced by renewable energy certificates, and up to 90% of the plant support structure is made of recycled wood.

In October 2021, the Allegro Group also acquired X-press Couriers, a local same-day delivery company, to complement fulfillment and APM services in driving faster deliveries. The acquisition of XPC adds same-day delivery, collection and distribution capabilities.

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