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Customers at the centre of attention

13.5 mln

The best shopping experience, or what matters the most at Allegro

We are committed to the best shopping experience at Allegro. We operate a platform that guarantees simple and convenient shopping. A vast majority of transactions are successful, and in the rare instances when there is an issue, we enable customers to easily reach the merchant and offer assistance using an innovative mediation system. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, they can ask Allegro employees for support. We offer both merchants and buyers fast and easy access to 24/7 assistance.

Customer satisfaction comes first

At Allegro, we regularly survey customer satisfaction. Every customer who interacts with us may complete an online survey, in which they can share their opinion about the quality of service and about how their specific issue was resolved.

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78,9 The high satisfaction
at the end of 2021
The high satisfaction of buyers earned us the best-in-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78.9 at the end of 2021 vs. 76.1 at the end of 2020.

The platform's rules and regulations are paramount for Allegro, which is why we constantly monitor merchants and offers and examine all issues as they are reported. Examples include the Buyer Protection Programme, the feedback system or starting a Discussion with the merchant (using a communication platform where the buyer and the merchant can solve a problem directly with each other or, at the customer's request, also with the assistance of an Allegro employee).

The Customer Experience team remains available to customers at all times, quickly and efficiently answering questions and providing support. The team communicates using various channels:

  • the Allegro Help tab
  • email
  • the traditional contact form
  • Allegro chat
  • the call-back service (requesting a call from a consultant)
  • Whatsapp and Messenger apps.

Seniors who would like to create an account or find out more about shopping on Allegro can call a dedicated Hotline for Seniors.

In 2020, we launched the Allegro Gadane community, a new platform where buyers and merchants are offered access to insights and feedback submitted by other users.

In its second year, Allegro Gadane recorded over 3.3 million visits, and thanks to the content posted by the community, as many as 536,000 issues were resolved. Thanks to gamification (e.g. ranks, rankings, etc.) and friendly interactions with others, several hundred committed users answering questions have formed into a group that devotes time to helping others.





Number of opened discussions 

4.8 mln

3.9 mln

1.4 mln

% of discussions resolved successfully 




A user who is a consumer may initiate out-of-court proceedings to resolve a complaint and pursue claims before the Permanent Arbitration Consumer Court at the Provincial Inspector of Trade Inspection in Poznań. Information on how to initiate such proceedings and on the dispute settlement procedures can be found at http://www.uokik.gov.pl in the “Consumer dispute settlement” tab (Polish: “Rozstrzyganie sporów konsumenckich”). Consumers may also use the EU ODR platform available at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. Detailed information on how to file a complaint is available here. 4

4 https://allegro.pl/pomoc/faq/system-rozstrzygania-sporow-konsumenckich-odr-AVXxBkejdFe

Our availability, or Allegro for everyone

It is our priority to ensure that our platform works efficiently and offers diverse consumers a quick and safe shopping experience, guaranteeing the safety of our employees, customers and business partners.

In November 2021, Allegro introduced another innovation to make online shopping even more accessible. The new contact channel allows Deaf users to have a video chat with online assistance from a Polish sign language interpreter. In addition to shopping support, the platform also introduced dedicated contact channels for visually or hearing impaired users collecting parcels from One Box by Allegro APMs.

Contacting our consultants with the assistance of a Polish sign language interpreter will elevate our service to customers with hearing loss, who so far had access to channels such as email or traditional chat. Video conferencing will allow us to offer them support faster, which we believe will increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, we are committed to providing full technical support to everyone who uses our One Box by Allegro APMs, which is why every machine has Braille markings and features a QR code that allows users to connect online with a Migam Interpreter.

The new contact channel for the Deaf is not the first initiative of the platform to prevent digital exclusion.

Allegro has also adapted its app to the needs of people with full or partial vision loss and has been consulting community partners to ensure that its new services are designed from the start with the various needs of customers in mind.

We are working to make our services accessible to people aged 65+, as this age group has continued to face challenges in using online tools and often requires personal assistance. To enable them to shop safely from home, we developed a series of dedicated solutions, including the Allegro Hotline for Seniors and a series of online training sessions for seniors in partnership with the Polish National Institute for Silver Economy.
In May 2021, these initiatives were completed and combined in a dedicated campaign, toproste.allegro.pl.

Silver Generation

Allegro also conducted the "Silver Tsunami – an overview of seniors as internet users" survey to better understand the needs and challenges faced by people aged 50+. Representatives of Allegro participated in two conferences organized by the National Institute of Silver Economy about the so-called silver economy: Seniors in the World of Digital Revolution (Seniorzy w świecie cyfrowej rewolucji) and Technology 101, or How to Be Clever Online (ABC technologii, czyli jak sprytnie być online).

In March 2021, Allegro also launched a series of online training sessions for people aged 50+ organized in collaboration with an external partner, the already mentioned Polish National Institute for Silver Economy. The Institute is recognized as an expert organization whose mission is to share knowledge and prepare solutions to adjust our economy and society to the needs of the elderly. For years, the Institute has been analysing various aspects of the life of the Silver Generation, including their shopping preferences. By joining forces with the Institute, we aim to help people aged 50+ take advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet and effectively remove digital barriers. For instance, during our online training sessions, Allegro experts explain how to start an online shopping experience on the shopping platform, what to pay attention to when making choices and how to safely finalize a purchase.

Allegro Hotline for Seniors

In 2021, Allegro.pl maintained its additional contact channel “Allegro Hotline for Seniors,” launched in 2020. The Hotline is a convenient addition to the existing 24/7 contact channels for both consumers and merchants, which already include an online contact form, popular instant messenger and chat services, a call-back service and the recently launched Allegro Gadane community feature. The hotline can be reached every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Seniors can use this tool to receive advice on online shopping and receive assistance from consultants at every stage of the purchase process – from setting up an account to helping with choosing the most convenient payment and delivery option, including free delivery with Allegro Smart!

Allegro, or shopping safety at all times

In our CSR & Sustainability Strategy for 2020–2023, we set an objective to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers and to protect their privacy and consumer rights. The safety and convenience of customers and merchants are of key importance to Allegro. 

  • Buyer Protection Programme
  • Rights Protection Cooperation Programme
  • Preventing the sale of counterfeit items on the platform
  • Reporting violations of rights and responding quickly
  • Cooperation with government agencies to withdraw products that do not meet certain standards or are not allowed on the market:
    • Signing the Memorandum of Understanding on the sale of counterfeit goods on the internet facilitated by the European Commission
    • Cooperation with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKIK) and with municipal and district consumer advocates, including joint consultations, opinions and analyses
    • joining the Anti-Smog Coalition together with the Polish Smog Alert and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • Rules on Forbidden and Restricted Items
  • Safe Online Shopping programme (Bezpieczne z@kupy w sieci)
  • My Sales Quality – transparent feedback from buyers.

Allegro facilitates online transactions between buyers and merchants and creates a safe environment, in particular by providing customer service support and the internal Buyer Protection Programme. Product safety is also one of the priority areas where we implemented standards and procedures substantially more sophisticated than the ones required under the existing legal obligations.

Already in 2004, Allegro launched the Rights Protection Cooperation Programme to eliminate counterfeit products. Since 2011, Allegro has also been a signatory of the Memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the sale of counterfeit goods on the internet; and in 2020, we joined the Product Safety Pledge. Furthermore, as we operate predominantly in the Polish market, we collaborate directly with the competent authorities in Poland, mainly the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection. We have also run ad hoc campaigns in response to specific issues, such as those under the anti-smog coalition to fight against the sale of illegal stoves on the internet.

Thanks to the guaranteed seamless shopping experience at every stage of the process, as many as 91% of our customers consider shopping on the Allegro platform safe. They can rely on the recommendations and comments submitted by other customers. To make sure customers can enjoy even better protection, Allegro introduced the Buyer Protection Programme, which guarantees they will recover their money should any problems with their purchase arise.

Protection extends to all offers on Allegro and Allegro Lokalnie where the payment was made by bank transfer or via the platform. Customers who experienced issues with a transaction on Allegro (e.g. did not receive the purchased products or a refund after withdrawing from the contract, or the received product does not fit the description or has arrived damaged) are eligible for a refund of up to PLN 10,000. The reporting procedure is simplified to the bare minimum (e.g. consumers no longer need to enter their bank account number on the BPP form). It is sufficient to complete an online form, which is made even simpler if the issue was reported in a discussion started on the platform.

In a 2021 NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey carried out among customers using the BPP, Allegro achieved a result of +80.02 (the highest possible score being 100). The BPP is the main driver for the Convenience Index of the Post-Purchase Processes (C-Index for the BPP is over 9, the highest possible score being 10). This means that most customers recommend Allegro as a safe place to shop, and the BPP is well received.

Buyer Protection Programme at Allegro 




% of customers who consider shopping on Allegro safer or just as safe as on other platforms 




NPS among Allegro customers using the BPP 




Average number of transactions on Allegro.pl per one BPP refund 




Average time it takes to receive a refund 

5 days

5 days

5 days

Average time it takes to receive a refund – SMART! services users 

12 h

12 h

12 h

The Rights Protection Cooperation Programme was created to eliminate illegal items and service offers from Allegro.

We verify reports regarding violations of:

  • industrial property rights (for example, selling counterfeit items)
  • copyright (for example, the use of images without the copyright owner’s permission).

We protect:

  • brand owners’ rights
  • merchants, often unaware of violations, from legal consequences
  • buyers from purchasing goods which violate the law.

In addition, we want to raise awareness of intellectual property rights, their protection, and violations.

To protect buyers, Allegro works with owners of exclusive rights under the Rights Protection Cooperation Programme, with over 1,700 brands currently on board. We also partner with the leading brands by enforcing the Memorandum of Understanding on the sale of counterfeit goods on the internet.

Allegro was one of the first European companies to join the Product Safety Pledge. This is an initiative of the European Commission and the largest e-commerce platforms aimed at ensuring consumer safety and educating customers. The Product Safety Pledge supports national and European market surveillance authorities in eliminating dangerous products from the market.

Allegro’s joining this initiative is an important aspect of our presence in Brussels as one of the largest European technology companies and strengthens credibility in our relations with EU institutions that want to leverage our 22+ years of experience in and knowledge of consumer protection on the internet.

As a signatory of the Product Safety Pledge, we have launched a dedicated website, to inform our customers about Allegro’s commitments under this mechanism. We have also provided answers to frequently asked questions such as: Why was my offer removed? Where can I find information on unsafe products? What is the Safety Gate? Who decides if my product is unsafe? We have also provided links to the Safety Gate database and competent national authorities.

Every day, Allegro reviews new listings against the list of dangerous products in the Safety Gate and monitors alerts issued by Polish authorities.

Cooperation with public authorities and other stakeholders

In order to facilitate cooperation with the national authorities responsible for market surveillance, Allegro established a single point of contact for interested parties. We also organized several meetings where we presented our internal policies and procedures.

We continued to work with public authorities by carrying out consultations as part of a dedicated contact path. It is also worth emphasizing that we directly participated in such events as a webinar organized by Consumer Ombudsmen (and employees of commercial inspections and UOKiK employees) on 14 May 2021 and the International Consumer Scientific Conference held on 8 October 2021. During the speeches, our representatives presented the pro-customer method of solving post-transaction problems of Allegro customers and promoted a dedicated path of contact with Allegro.

  • 103-1
  • 103-2
  • 103-3
  • 417-3

Openness and honesty, or responsible advertising and marketing

Ensuring safety to buyers, we make sure that our marketing messages are always clear, unambiguous and true. We also require the same from companies that advertise their goods on our platform. Everyone must comply with the Terms and Conditions of Selling and Displaying Ads on Allegro.pl, and our Ads Service is regulated by the Ads Service Terms and Conditions.

Selling and displaying advertisements is regulated by:

  • Terms and Conditions of Selling and Displaying Ads on Allegro.pl
  • Terms and Conditions of Ads.

The company ensures the message stays clear and unambiguous across all channels of communication with the customer, including marketing materials, and the company’s business model has been designed with the best interest of the customer in mind.

[GRI 417-3]

In 2021, we did not report a single case of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes regulating marketing communication.

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