ESG Report


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Stakeholder map, or who is influenced by our company

At the Allegro Group, we engage stakeholders in our operations, which allows us to make better business decisions, manage risks more effectively and foster the company’s innovation.

Our key stakeholder groups include:

  • customers
  • merchants
  • business partners
  • suppliers
  • employees
  • local communities and non-governmental organizations
  • administration
  • national and international regulators
  • the stock market environment
  • the business environment.

Encouraging conversation, or how we communicate

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We developed a detailed key stakeholder map to help us effectively manage stakeholder relations. The map enables us to match both channels and frequency of contact to the group. We choose the most effective channels of communication for each group.

Forms of contact with stakeholders

  • Contact form
  • Allegro chat
  • Phone call
  • WhatsApp
  • Allegro Gadane community
  • Hotline for Seniors
  • Buyer Protection Programme
  • Online help centre
  • Media relations
  • Educational website for buyers
  • Advertising and educational campaigns in the media
  • Shopping guides and inspirations on the platform
  • Corporate website: Allegro.eu, social media
  • Allegro Gadane community
  • Discussion with the merchant
  • Internal complaint-handling system
  • Out-of-court procedures for merchants
  • Channels of direct communication with Allegro advisers
  • Social media accounts
  • NPS survey
  • Special Case Team
  • Safe Online Shopping programme (Bezpieczne z@kupy)
  • Contact form
  • Allegro chat
  • Phone call
  • WhatsApp
  • Allegro Gadane community
  • Periodical reports
  • Rights Protection Cooperation
  • Expert meetings
  • Media relations
  • Online presentations
  • For Sellers site
  • Online Help Centre
  • Mailings
  • Key Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Training courses and webinars, including the Allegro Academy
  • Regular surveys
  • Allegro Gadane community
  • Channels of direct communication with Allegro advisers
  • Guides
  • Webinars, e.g. for Super Sellers
  • Corporate website: Allegro.eu, social media
  • Discussion with the buyer
  • Internal complaint-handling system
  • Out-of-court procedures for merchants
  • Code of ethics for suppliers and business partners
  • Allegro Town Hall (a strategic conference for all employees)
  • Company update: quarterly meetings with the board for all employees, including a Q&A session
  • The qa_allegro channel for asking questions on an ongoing basis
  • Juice Work&Life Academy inspirational meetings
  • Insite+ internal social media platform
  • Thematic communities
  • Allegro Tech Meeting
  • BaZa annual engagement survey
  • Email communication
  • Employee Representation
  • Meetings, workshops
  • Training courses and the MindUp Platform
  • Annual and semi-annual review (an opportunity for mutual feedback)
  • Mentoring
  • Whistleblowing system
  • Alumni Allegro program
  • Employee Advocacy #AllegroLife program
  • Ambassador Programme
  • Podcasts
  • Fundacja Allegro All For Planet
  • Allegro’s charity work
  • Collections under Allegro Lokalnie
  • Educational meetings at schools and universities
  • Information desks at events
  • Work with the Polish government, including market regulators
  • Work with business organizations and chambers of commerce
  • Work as part of EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament)
  • Cooperation in business organizations in e-commerce and other industries
  • Participation in public consultations on draft legislation
  • Current and periodical reports
  • Meetings, conferences and roundtables
  • Email contact
  • Investor Relations Department
  • Corporate website
  • Newsletters
  • General Meeting
  • Membership in industry organizations
  • Industry initiatives
  • Participation in conferences and meetings
  • Public consultations
  • Media relations
  • Email communication, direct contact for the media
  • Website https://magazyn.allegro.pl/

Frequency of communication with our stakeholders depends on the needs and requests of our stakeholders.

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We learn about our shareholders’ issues and problems at direct meetings, as well as through surveys and analyses we conduct. We conduct our own surveys and hold meetings with clients and business partners, including individual interviews, group interviews and usability tests. The findings inform our projects and initiatives. We also constantly monitor the internet and review the media.

In 2021, we held a meeting on delivery practices and the impact of deliveries on neighbourhoods. We invited experts from various industries and representatives of urban movements from major Polish cities to contribute to the discussion. Held in April 2021, the workshop was attended by 21 people and was moderated by Fundacja Stocznia. Conclusions from the event, broken down into a diagnostic part describing current industry practices and a recommendation part compiling suggested solutions, were recapped in the summary.

We also learn about stakeholders’ expectations through consumer surveys; in April 2021, Allegro was a partner of the Green Generation 2.0 study into Poles’ environmental awareness and other issues.

  1. 85% of respondents notice various unsustainable practices of stores when shopping online
  2. 55% of respondents describe sustainability as a conscious choice and an attitude that does not pass.
  3. 31% of internet users would like to be able to choose sustainable packaging for an additional fee.
  4. 33% of respondents would like to use the option of reusable parcel packaging, which should be returned to the indicated place.
  5. 33% of respondents are prepared to walk up to 5 minutes from their location to pick up a package from a pickup point instead of having it delivered by a courier. 22% declare that they are ready to walk within 20 minutes to collect the package.
  6. 35% of respondents believe that their approach to sustainability results in more informed purchase decisions.

Together with Kantar, we conducted qualitative and quantitative research into customers’ expectations about sustainable packaging and presented our findings at a webinar for merchants.

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