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Supply chain

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Verification, or working with the best

3,000 reliable partners
- number of vendors in 2021

In 2021, we worked with over 3,000 reliable companies that provided us with products and services necessary for Allegro to operate efficiently. Choosing a supplier for Allegro.pl/Ceneo.pl is a multi-step process that ensures we identify the best offer and that we are contracting a reliable supplier.

Allegro.pl/Ceneo.pl supplier selection process:

We distinguish between the following groups of Allegro suppliers:

  • suppliers providing products that are retailed in the Official Allegro Store  
  • suppliers whose products and services we use as part of our operational activity (e.g. managers of buildings where our offices are located, suppliers of utilities and software solutions, IT systems, data centres, technological and advisory solutions, advertising and marketing services and other services and products)
  • suppliers leasing out land for APMs
  • courier/transport service providers
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If the total value of contracts with a supplier exceeds PLN 100,000, the Allegro.pl/Ceneo.pl supplier is enrolled into the monitoring and evaluation programme and is required to accept and sign the Suppliers’ Code of Conduct and the Questionnaire for Suppliers and Business Partners, as well as submit a written declaration of compliance with the Allegro Code of Ethics (Kodeks Allegro) and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact initiative. This enables us to verify their ethical, social and environmental practices.

In 2021, 95% of the suppliers that were subject to evaluation met the criteria. They represented 10% of all new contractors (the data do not include eBilet.pl). The particulars of Allegro.pl’s supply chain and supplier characteristics are internal information of the company.

Supplier assessment* 



% assessed new suppliers that met the social, environmental and ethical standards 



% of all new suppliers assessed 



*the data do not include eBilet.pl

A supplier is not required to sign the Allegro Code of Ethics if they have their own code that is consistent with the values and principles and does not deviate from the standards of the Allegro code. 

In accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Finance, the group companies have established a complex verification process for suppliers. Financial documents, company registration documents and bank accounts are reviewed to reject unreliable service providers. We have also introduced a procurement policy, tendering procedures, controlling procedures and legal procedures aimed at minimizing any unlawful practices, violations of the law, corruption and fraud as well as other negative consequences of non-compliance within the Group. In addition, all procurement processes at Allegro.pl and Ceneo.pl are based on integrated IT systems that ensure full transparency of compliance with the procedures.

We have introduced a system for corporate governance, risk management and compliance across all Allegro operations. It spans operational standards, corruption prevention, compliance with the competition law, preventing conflict of interest, information and data protection, preventing unlawful discrimination and protection of the company property and know-how.

Our system extends to not only the regulations relevant to Allegro but also the terms of cooperation with suppliers: the purchasing policy and additional requirements for suppliers, including the Suppliers Code of Conduct and the Questionnaire for Suppliers and Business Partners for every key supplier (i.e. a supplier whose yearly contract exceeds PLN 100,000). Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, Group companies have introduced a complex verification process for choosing suppliers. Reviewing financial documents, company registration documents and bank accounts makes it possible to reject service providers whose credentials raise concerns.

Responsibilities of suppliers and business partners according to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact:

  • Compliance
  • Respecting human rights
  • Ensuring the highest standards and work conditions for employees
  • Protecting the natural environment

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