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Technology education

Technology education is very important to Allegro. We perfectly understand the need to increase digital qualifications and skills in various groups. We share knowledge, support technology education and engage in many external initiatives. 

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Allegro.eu encourages employees to share their knowledge and best practices, both inside and outside the organization. As part of the Allegro Tech initiative, employees participate as speakers in a number of open events, including Allegro Tech Live, Allegro Tech Labs, Allegro Tech Meeting, and UX Research Confetti. 


160 speakers
172 184 unique views

In 2021, Allegro Tech was attended by 160 speakers, who participated in 97 external events and 16 events organized independently by Allegro Tech. Allegro Tech published 12 podcasts, and the Allegro Tech blog had as many as 172,184 unique views! The company introduced a new format of Allegro Tech events dedicated to non-employees and organized two external conferences, Allegro Tech Meeting and UX Research Confetti. The company created 10 episodes of Allegro Tech Live webinars and prepared 4 workshops for the Allegro Tech Labs series. The YouTube channel offers many hours of recordings packed full with knowledge and inspirations, and Allegro Tech already boasts 104 Open Source projects. 

In 2021, for the first time in history, the company held a dedicated external edition of Allegro Tech Meeting for non-employees, available to everyone. The programme included 27 presentations and 6 thematic blocks. 800 people registered for the event.


As part of partnership and knowledge sharing activities, since 2018 Allegro has been a strategic partner of the Polish Development Fund’s (PFR) School of Pioneers (Szkoła Pionierów) initiative, an intensive educational and mentoring programme for young and beginning entrepreneurs in the new tech industry. The aim of the programme is to help people starting their careers create innovative projects that, in the long term, may be commercialized and launched on the Polish market, and then globally. The aim of the programme is to help people starting their careers create innovative projects that, in the long term, may be commercialized and launched on the Polish market and then globally. Since its inception, 200 Pioneers have completed our educational programme. In 2021, there were 50 graduates in 12 founding teams, who took part in workshops on 26 different topics. The fourth edition of the PFR School of Pioneers was to prepare the business owners to the challenges their companies will face in the age of green transformation. Programme participants can choose from 9 green challenges or work on their own solutions.  


Since August 2019, Allegro has also been the partner of the Central House of Technology, supporting the education of the youth and sharing practical knowledge. Allegro is the partner of the “Technology” educational path, and the company experts are happy to share their knowledge at meetings and workshops organized for the young, based on the STEAM method (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics). 


In 2021 we continued Mam Swoje Alle (I have my own Alle), an educational project developed by Allegro in partnership with Fundacja Zwolnieni z Teorii. Its goal is to develop and promote entrepreneurship competencies among students (aged 12 or above). Thanks to a public fundraiser through Allegro Lokalnie, they can raise funds for social initiatives of their choice. Furthermore, over 30 volunteers from Allegro offered mentoring to the students, supporting their social projects.

Education programme for young people and children

The Bezpieczne Z@kupy w Sieci programme is addressed to schoolchildren aged 13–18 and students, one of the age groups that shops the most online. Participants learn about the most common threats in online shopping, how to verify sellers, how to safely pay for purchases in cyberspace and how to protect against identity theft. In 2021, we organized 34 workshops, most of them online, for over 3000 participants.
34 workshops

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